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Pre-k - Regular Pre-school hours 8am-3pm, Monday-Friday
          $120 per week ($4800 a year, $480 a month)



Paid in Full: a discount of 5% if you pay for the full year up front, and a discount of 2.5% if you pay by semester.
Multiple Children: 10% off second child; 15% off third child; 20% off additional children.
Tuition is pro-rated monthly, as we have taken into account all half days and days off. The payment due for each month will not change regardless of how many calendar weeks are present. Also, you will NOT owe for months your child was not enrolled.


Curriculum Fee: $125 - Payable July 1st
Registration Fee: $50 - Payable upon registration
School Supply Fee: $50 - Payable July 15th
FACTS Online Payment Setup: $45- Due BEFORE August 1st

All Students are required to sign up with FACTS. This makes tuition payments easy through online credit/electronic check payments. Click on the link below and follow the cues to set up your account with FACTS and FCA.

Admission requirements

1. Every student must fill out an application and turn it into the school office with the Registration Fee. You can receive an application by mail or email by contacting rowlettchristianacademy@yahoo.com.

          A. Parent Interview with Administration. The purpose of this is to provide the parent the opportunity to see if the school will meet their expectations and the suitability of the student for the school.
          B. Student Interview with Administration.
          C. Completed Enrollment Packet
          D. Certificate of Immunization from your doctor or clinic
          E. Payment of Registration, Curriculum, and Supply Fees
          F. The following forms are required by the state to enroll your child in FCA,
              They must be on file before the student begins school
                   a. Copy of Birth Certificate
                   b. Immunization, hearing, and visual screening results
                   c. Physician Health Statement
                   d. Enrollment Contract
                   e. Application for Admission
                   f. Volunteer Application for Parents.

2. Once the application and registration Fees have been turned in, parents need to sign up for a FACTS payment plan. Bills and Payments will no longer be made at the school office - everyone must pay through FACTS.

3. We ask that both parents and child attend the orientation on August 24th, 7pm in the church sanctuary. You will be given important information regarding the upcoming school year and meet the teacher and see our classroom.

4. If an individual will be accompanying the child on a field trip during the year, each person must fill out a volunteer form, and submit to a background check. This is for the safety of our children, and it is of the utmost importance.

5. The Teachers will have documents that will need to be filled out and returned to them, you will receive these on orientation night and return them the first day of school.

6. You will also be given the opportunity to order our school apparel. These will only be offered for the first month of school, so please order by the deadline.
          A. T-Shirt - $10 Every student must have at least one for field trips
          B. Hoodie Sweatshirt - $20


Yes, we do require the students to wear uniforms. They are outlined in more detail in the student handbook, and are easily purchased from Target, Wal-mart, Sears etc...

Inclement weather closing announced for FCA on NBC or ABC.

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